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Scott Magers' Bio

Scott Magers is not only a published author on nutrition, he is a leading educator, formulator, and motivator in the field of nutrition and fitness. With over 20 years of experience in nutritional science, Scott has worked with many of the top professional and Olympic athletes, business leaders, sports teams, youth groups, and celebrities outlining detailed programs emphasizing a low glycemic, nutrient-dense, balanced approach to nourishing the body. Founding several nutrition companies such as Z Power Nutrition, Logic Nutrition, NutriSource International, and NutriPowers Japan, the goal has been to create the highest quality line of nutritional products.

Delivering exceptional products was achieved by blending nutritional science with the latest low glycemic technology and a non-compromising standard of excellence. The products thus developed included meal replacement bars, shakes, herbal adaptogenic formulas, several nutraceuticals, and energy drinks. The XS Energy Drink has set records in sales: over 100 million cans sold between October 2002 and January 2005 and is distributed in all 50 US States, Canada, U.K., Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. ( Scott's products have been used in diabetic studies resulting in better blood sugar and insulin control while lowering hemoglobin A1C readings to safer levels.

In 2000, Tom Jones, an ultra-marathon runner and two-time world champion kick-boxer, asked for help. With Scott's design and supervision of the runner's personalized nutritional and supplementation program, Tom successfully ran 26.1 miles per day for 120 straight days, a 3,150 mile journey from California to New York. This is an amazing feat by anyone's standards.

Scott has built personalized programs for top baseball stars such as Gabriel Stefan Kapler 


Colorado Rockies center fielder and one of baseball's fittest players.

Currently professional baseball manager of the Philadelphia Phillies in Major League Baseball (MLB).

Jeff Suppan -- Pittsburgh Pirates ace pitcher; Frank Catalanotto -- a top hitter in baseball; Jerry Hairston -- second baseman for the Baltimore Orioles. A player's story deserves mention here. After suffering what doctors diagnosed to be a career-ending knee injury, Randy Curtis, outfielded for the San Diego Padres and made a miraculous recovery. After not being able to walk for months, Randy sought out Scott's advice and started working on a plan to make a comeback in professional baseball. Spending many hours earning the proper nutrients needed for healing, Randy was able to not only play the next season, but finished the year with 20 stolen bases! Randy now works with athletes sharing his story about the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced, low glycemic diet.

Prior to meeting Scott, swimmer and Olympic gold medalist, Jason Lezak, was ranked 10th in the world in the 100 meter freestyle event. In eight weeks time, using Scott's nutrition program,

Jason came within one tenth of a second from setting a new world record. This brought his world ranking to #1. In addition, Scott has personally consulted other Olympic swimming stars such as gold medalist, Lenny Krazelberg, silver medalist, Scott Tucker, Bobby Brewer, as well as Olympic volleyball star Rob Heider.

Olympic track and field legend, Edwin Moses, shared with Scott that much of his ten-year dominance in the high hurdles was achieved by closely following a balanced low glycemic approach to eating and was thrilled to see this information already published in Scott's nutrition guide book.

World-class sprinters Curtis Johnson, Aaron Lacy, Douglas Bignall, Jerome Davis, top-ranked collegiate star Mario Bassanti, all have spent hours with Scott fine-tuning their training supplementation and diets.

Scott has shared his concepts with top martial artists including legendary stars Benny The Jet Urquidez -- undefeated in over 200 competitions; Kathy Long -- five-time world champion kick-boxer; and Joe Morera -- world champion jujitsu competitor. He has worked with Olympic coaches such as Dr. Ben Tabachnick, Loren Seagraves, Dr. Frank Little, as well as Golden State Warrior strength and conditioning coach John Murray. In fact, Scott was named nutrition adviser for the Golden State Warriors professional basketball team for the 2004-2006 season. In 2004, Stanford's Men's Basketball team went 26-0 to start the 2004 season by adhering to Scott's low glycemic nutrition plan and products on daily basis.

Top celebrity trainers Todd Person, Kathy Boyd, and Raphael Ruiz all endorse the NutriSource Nutrition program and routinely have Scott speak with their top clients.

Scott's own training, nutritional regiment, and work ethic has inspired many with his method of leading by example. He has trained religiously with weights since 1979, has ran many marathons, and has worked out six days a week. He has achieved a personal goal of 1,000 sit-ups in 16 minutes. Starting with 30 push-ups, he added one additional push up every day for over 15 months to achieve 500 straight push-ups. He believes that balanced eating and intense training keep the body finely tuned to take on just about anything!

Scott believes a new standard of nutritional awareness and excellence can be achieved through a process of understanding the key concepts of eating and supplementing in hormonal balance combined with incorporating a physically active lifestyle.

Scott has lectured and conducted seminars in nutrition and fitness for corporations, clubs, universities, junior colleges, high schools, and youth organizations. He even directed youth sports camps for 15 years.

His passion for helping people with their health has guided him in understanding what it takes to empower people to put health, fitness, and nutrition higher on their priority list. Dedicating to learning, researching, and developing the highest quality programs, products, nutritional systems, and training drives Scott to stay on the forefront in a field that is constantly changing and growing.

Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine/Exercise Physiology from the University of Southern California. He earned a Masters Degree teaching credential in nutrition/fitness. He has taught and coached at Corona del Mar High School, Laguna Beach High School, Riverside City College, and Chapman University.

He has worked in conjunction with Dr. Steven Freed, president of Diabetes In Control, a research and education group providing assistance to Diabetics worldwide.

Scott has orchestrated studies on low glycemic meal planning, supplementation, and fitness for diabetic educators across the country. He continues to do testing on various low glycemic products, supplements, and energy beverages to improve the health and wellness of people throughout the world.