Meal Replacement


Meal Replacement Shakes

Why do people need this?

Our award winning, highly acclaimed meal replacement formula provides an essential balance of the highest quality proteins, low glycemic (sustained energy producing) carbohydrates and nutritional fat geared to optimize your health, energy, and performance.

You will find them ideal for taking the “guess work” out of putting together a perfectly balanced meal in minutes. Using our shake formula to help your body stay in balance prevents the blood sugar “roller coaster ride” most people experience when overeating or eating the wrong combination of foods.

The ideal meal consists of specific ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fats which act like combination lock in the body. Dialing in the right numbers “unlocks” the body’s fat burning mechanism for several hours.

Our shake formula has been designed with the exact balance to trigger fat burning every time. This is not easy to do without weighing out your food to the gram. When you provide your body with a combination of all 22 amino acids ( Our Proprietary Protein Blend) in the right balance, slow burning, energy enhancing carbohydrates and high octane nutritional fatty acids along with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fiber and enzymes you will quickly understand what “perfect hormonal balance” is all about.

Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds, want to take your health and wellness to the next level or you are searching for a competitive edge you’ll want to make our shake formula a new healthy habit.

It’s exciting to watch as your body transforms and you begin to notice how your clothes fit much better. Your confidence levels and self-esteem with be at an all-time high.


What problem does it solve?

Eating in a healthy balance. Promotes a “fat burning mode” for a lean attractive body. Keeping your immune system strong. Getting your essential nutrients in the right amounts. What to eat before working out. The simplest way to lose body fat without starving yourself. Not overeating while traveling. Feeding the kids. Keeping the blood sugar levels in balance. (Ideal and safe for diabetics as well) The perfect bedtime snack. The perfect breakfast when you don’t have a lot of time in the morning. Cuts the sugar cravings. Promotes more energy which makes you feel like working out more. Save money on food. Eating fast. Convenience while busy and not able to prepare a meal.


What nutritional value/benefits does it provide?

Maximum nutrition with the least effort. Ideal for keeping you lean and healthy Provides energy for 3-4 hours without any cravings. Enhances your quality of sleep when taken 30 minutes before bed. Perfect pre-game or pre-workout meal Balanced nutrition with a full variety of the highest quality essential nutrients How does it make them healthier? The macro-nutrient (protein, carbs and fat) components of our shake formula sets us apart from most shake products on the market. The master key to your nutritional puzzle is built around how well you put these three nutrients together each day. Our shake makes this process as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Protein: Most people consume low quality proteins that are high in saturated fats which can drive up triglycerides and cholesterol levels. Our shake formula contains a special blend of the easiest digestible proteins including a balance of all 22 amino acids.

This helps to keep the body in an anabolic mode promoting increased lean muscle mass, enhanced recovery and a strong immune system.

  1. Carbohydrates: The average person consumes over 100 pounds of sugar a year not to mention the rest of the high glycemic blood sugar spiking foods most of us have built our eating habits around. We have chosen only the finest sources of low glycemic carbohydrates to maximize sustained energy, mental clarity and performance while minimizing blood sugar crashes, fat storage and massive food cravings.


  1. Fats: There are fats that heal the body and fats that can destroy your health. The average diet is loaded with harmful Tran’s fatty acids, hydrogenated oils and saturated fats. A healthy body must have essential fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fats to maintain optimum levels of health and well-being.


Our shake formula delivers the best nutritional fats in the right balance for your body to have an abundance of energy and balance.

What changes will they notice by taking this? Leaner Body Lose Fat weight, may gain lean muscle mass (if exercising) Better focus and mental clarity Less Sugar Cravings Saving huge amounts of preparation and clean up time every day Better sleep More intense workouts, stamina Improved recovery from heavy physical or mental activity Better balance of blood sugar and insulin levels.


What are the features and benefits?

 Award winning taste and outstanding flavors Chocolate, Vanilla and coming soon Strawberry 14 servings per container 20 grams of protein per serving (or customize your serving size) Easy to mix No blender required Scores a 30 on the Glycemic Index Scale (similar to broccoli)

One shake serving is the equivalent to a chicken breast, ½ cup of black beans, broccoli and a small handful of almonds.

Precise balanced Nutrition Cuts sugar cravings Flavors can be mixed for more variety Served with ice and blended tastes like a delicious smoothie can be added to coffee to improve its nutritional benefits Used by Professional, Olympic Athletes and Celebrities Recommended by top Diabetic Practitioners.

Just add water (no milk or fruit need to be added)

Satisfies your appetite for hours


 What is the normal cost of this?

Retail Cost $35 per container of 14 meals